Announcing the Orchestrate™ Solution for Gaming

Jump on!  Today we announce our Orchestrate Solution for Gaming – designed to help studios and publishers deliver games to a global audience. Combining the power of the Limelight CDN, integrated Orchestrate Cloud Storage, and Orchestrate Video platform, Orchestrate for Read more ›

The next generation of media consumers is here. Meet the next generation solution that can handle them.

Right now, media and broadcast outlets are confronted with a remarkable opportunity for growth. Consumer demand for online video content has been well documented; as Cisco has widely reported, it is set to double by 2018. Content owners seeking to Read more ›

Future Proofing Your Media Delivery Efforts With a Unified Solution

So, in the last few weeks we have discussed the many challenges, bottlenecks, and complexities associated with reaching your media audience on their many screens and devices. Understanding the problem is half the battle won. The other half is making Read more ›

Standards Stew: A Media Mess 17 Years in the Making


In the last blog post in our series on multi-device media delivery, we talked about the key challenges facing content providers. It is best summarized as “devices, devices, and more devices.” So what are companies doing about it? Good question! Read more ›

Delivering Media in a Multi-challenge World


On March 10, Limelight announced enhanced capabilities for Multi-device Media Delivery (MMD) – On Demand. You can read the original blog post here, and read on for the second blog post in the series. This is how we talk about Read more ›

Video, Video Everywhere! But ensuring fast delivery to all those mobile devices is not a DIY project.


Your audience is growing! They are watching your videos. That’s great! But wait. No really. I mean wait. And let’s wait some more. Not exactly engaging to sit around and wait, is it? Is your audience waiting? Can they watch Read more ›