Introducing Limelight Accelerate – A New Kind of Web Acceleration Service

Today we announced a new family of website, application and mobile acceleration services that combines network-layer optimization and browser-level acceleration for a more enjoyable and more productive web experience. The Limelight Accelerate suite of services includes solutions for consumer content sites, e-commerce destinations, and enterprise portals,and has been shown in comprehensive testing to boost performance on most websites between 200 and 500 percent.

While the CDN market as a whole has been improving on network-based delivery for years, browser-level acceleration has taken a back seat. It’s in the browser, however, that a delivery service can affect some of the most important changes. At this presentation layer, our new Accelerate service optimizes how web pages load, decreasing the number of required network requests and speeding up the time it takes for the most important information to appear on screen. We call it improving Time to Action. The faster users get the information they want, the faster they can act on it, and the better results publishers can count on with respect to site stickiness and online conversion rates.

There are a few critical points to emphasize with Limelight Accelerate.

  • First, it is the only service that addresses content delivery comprehensively at both the browser level and the network level. It combines both our proven, traditional CDN service with new capabilities for on-the-fly page optimization.
  • Second, Limelight Accelerate services are fully supported, with a team of experts dedicated to driving the highest performance levels, and a robust and growing set of features including HTTPs support.
  • Third and finally, the new Limelight Accelerate services are immensely flexible. It doesn’t matter whether your content is dynamic or static, what kind of servers you’re using, or if you’re publishing large objects or small. We can handle it all.

Take a look at a demo we’re running comparing how web pages load with Limelight Accelerate technology and without. We’ve also published information from one customer in today’s press release referencing performance results in a real-world situation. After just one month of using Accelerate, saw a 17 percent jump in page views per visitor. Page load statistics are nice to have, but engagement statistics like this one are even better.

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