A Look at the Numbers: Mobile Media Consumption 2010-2011

Limelight Networks has had a stake in the mobile media market for several years now, which means we’ve had an opportunity to collect substantial data around media consumption on mobile devices. And the shift we’ve seen over the last 12 to 18 months is nothing short of remarkable. Based on traffic analysis across our mobile customer base, we calculated slow but steady increases in media requests during the early part of 2010. The same months in 2011, however, show that mobile media consumption has skyrocketed. From May of 2010 to May of 2011, consumption jumped roughly 600 percent. There were more than 30 million mobile media requests logged in our data reports from last month alone.

The shift is phenomenal, but it was also predictable. The smartphone boom, and the availability of new mobile content from sources like Netflix and HBO have created demand where little existed before. It used to be a chore to access media on a mobile device. Now it’s a pleasant, and increasingly addictive diversion.

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One thought on “A Look at the Numbers: Mobile Media Consumption 2010-2011

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