Mobile Video Requests: 65% iOS, 30% Android, 5% Other

Even as Android’s market share expands, and new mobile operating systems enter the fray, Apple’s iOS is still king of mobile video. After compiling our own data from mobile customers in the first four months of 2011 (comprised of more than 2.5 billion media requests), we found that a significant majority of mobile video requests still come from iOS devices. While Android appears to be gaining on iOS at a healthy pace, Apple still has a better than 2:1 advantage.

Perhaps even more interesting than the iOS and Android stats is the fact that all other media requests boil down to just about 5%. That includes video requests from all BlackBerry and Windows 7 phones across both the mobile web and mobile apps. According to study results just published by PCMag, Windows 7 actually tops Android in user satisfaction. However, that apparently doesn’t translate to increased video usage.

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