Limelight Video Platform Goes Live (Literally) with Spring Product Release

Posted by Alexander Castro, Vice President and General Manager of LVP, Limelight Networks

It’s been eight months since Delve joined the Limelight Networks team, and though we’ve been rolling out additional features in that time, we’re proud to show off our first major product update today under the Limelight Video Platform brand. The spring 2011 release adds new real-time and custom services, including, notably, live streaming support. Although on-demand video has been a far bigger market to date,we’ve seen increasing interest in live broadcasts online. This comes in part from the growth of the mobile video channel, and here again we’ve focused heavily on making our platform deliver content in a way that’s meaningful to both viewers and programmers. Both our live and on-demand video streams play not only on PCs, but also on Apple iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices. This is a huge issue for publishers, and one that cannot be understated. Video has to be easily transcoded, formatted, and streamed to all of the mobile devices consumers use. We make that happen so publishers can build their audiences, and consumers can access the content they want, when and where they want it.

In addition to live streaming support, the other update I want to highlight is how far we’ve come in integrating with existing Limelight Networks technologies. First and foremost, our new Player Edge Scaling feature takes advantage of the Limelight global delivery network to optimize video playback. Not only can we cache video bits at the network edge, we can store whole libraries there for better player performance. Note that our customers are welcome to use other third-party CDNs, but the integration we now have with the Limelight delivery platform provides a powerful and compelling service option.

Beyond the CDN integration we’ve achieved, the last eight months have let us work closely with the Limelight Networks Mobility team. We’ve already built cross-platform publishing into our video platform, but we’ve also now expanded on our feature set to include access to the full Limelight REACH mobile service. If a customer’s needs are more complex than those we can automatically support with our Universal Embed Codes, the robust Limelight REACH platform provides additional support for furthering a publisher’s mobile distribution strategy.

Again, there are numerous new features in today’s product update release, and I’ve only touched on a few of them here. Below is a list of new features, and full details are available in the company press release. We hope you’ll take the time to check them out.

New Limelight Video Platform features:

  • Live streaming to web-based players and iOS devices
  • Enhanced mobile and devices support
  • Real-time analytics
  • Advanced workflow, performance and localization
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