Limelight Video Platform Smart Embed Code Ensures Delivery to All Devices

Republished from the Limelight Video Platform blog

Limelight Video Platform embed codes now have intelligence built into them that ensures video delivery to all devices including mobile. With video consumption on mobile phones growing rapidly, you will want to be sure that your customers are getting access to your site’s videos regardless of device. The LVP Smart Embed Code does this easily. Once LVP Mobile Delivery is enabled, all a user has to do is drop the code onto a web page. When a visitor comes to that page the Smart Embed Code will automatically detect and deliver the proper transcoded video file based on the visitor’s hardware environment regardless if it’s a PC or a Smartphone including Blackberrys, Androids, HTML5 or iDevices.

LVP Mobile Delivery is standard on the Enterprise Edition, but is also available for a monthly fee on the Professional and Premier Editions. If you have questions or would like to enable Mobile Delivery on your account, click here to contact us.

Smart Embed Code screenshot

Copy and paste the Smart Embed Code and your done.

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