Ready to Celebrate World IPv6 Day? We Are.

For all of those content, enterprise, and network companies that haven’t made the transition yet to IPv6, this one’s for you. The Internet Society (ISOC) is hosting a World IPv6 Day on June 8th that includes the launch of a 24-hour global IPv6 trial. Participants will enable IPv6 on their main services during the day, testing industry readiness and raising awareness of the migration that must take place to the new Internet Protocol.

We are happy to participate in World IPv6 Day, and enthusiastic about spreading the word. Our content delivery services at Limelight Networks have been fully IPv6-enabled since 2009, and we understand the importance of moving the rest of the industry further along in the transition. Major content customers like Netflix are already relying on us for IPv6 migrations. In our role as a content delivery service provider, we are prepared to support many, many more companies needing IPv6-compliant service.

From today’s ISOC press release, here’s what our Director of Global Network Architecture Tom Coffeen had to say:

“As part of our ongoing commitment to IPv6, Limelight Networks today is actively delivering customer content over the world’s first fully IPv6-compliant content delivery service. We are pleased to participate in World IPv6 Day to encourage the adoption of IPv6 across the Internet and to transform address resource challenges into innovation and competitive advantage for our customers.”

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One thought on “Ready to Celebrate World IPv6 Day? We Are.

  1. Hi!

    I think there is a little confusion. World IPv6 launch day is on June 6 (or) June 8?

    If your answer is one of the above, what does the other date significant for?


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