Limelight Networks Launches EyeWonder Ad Targeting Software: AdVolve

Today, we announced our first product launch with EyeWonder under the Limelight Networks umbrella. EyeWonder is debuting AdVolve, an application for combining creative online ad content with sophisticated ad targeting. Advertising agencies can use AdVolve to switch out specific elements in an online display ad based on the audience at the other end. Elements can include the headline, images, promotional offers, and more. Users pair different configurations with demographic profiles to come up with optimal ads for a wide range of potential viewers. AdVolve then automates the process of delivering the right ad to the right consumer.

The delivery part of the equation is where Limelight Networks’ traditional services come into play. Our network has the massive distributed capacity to be able to speed ad delivery no matter how rich and complex the content, and no matter where the end-user is located. And because our system is a global computing infrastructure, we are putting in place an architecture that allows us to optimize huge volumes of content at the edge, rather than necessarily from a handful of origin points. Imagine what that means for the future.

For more on AdVolve, check out the EyeWonder video and feature list. The pics below show elements of the AdVolve software and screenshots of the interface.

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