Limelight Networks Closes on EyeWonder Acquisition

It’s official. Limelight Networks has closed on our acquisition of EyeWonder. And if you’re wondering what that means, the result is that we now have expanded capabilities in online monetization through innovative, targeted advertising solutions. In short, we’ve got a really cool new interactive ad platform and ad formats to offer.

As background, the team from EyeWonder specializes in developing interactive digital advertising and has over a decade of experience in creating and optimizing the effectiveness of online ad campaigns. With recent shifts in where content consumption occurs, we saw an opportunity to combine their expertise with our world-class delivery services. Content is everywhere now, on every Internet-connected device, and by using our combined company strengths, we can help publishers, advertisers, and agencies capitalize on that trend by capturing and engaging audiences.

If you’re not familiar with EyeWonder already, take a few minutes to browse through the EyeWonder site. The section with work samples showcases some truly innovative campaigns. (EyeWonder has direct relationships with more than 800 creative, interactive, and media buying agencies worldwide.) Favorite samples here include the decorate-your-own-cookie interactive ad for Sprint, the Jackson Five Holiday album special with embedded sample tracks for Amazon, and the OneRepublic album teaser with embedded music video for Target.

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