Presenting at NAB: Limelight Networks with Adobe’s HTTP Dynamic Streaming

We’re at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show this week, and yesterday we joined DirecTV in a joint demo to show off Adobe’s new HTTP Dynamic Streaming technology. It combines the benefits of streaming with the benefits of HTTP delivery, all wrapped up in one neat package.

Adobe hasn’t officially launched HTTP streaming yet (part of Flash Player 10.1), but a few of us have had a chance to work with the technology in advance of general availability. The addition of HTTP to Flash delivery means we can now take advantage of both adaptive bit rate streaming and new content caching opportunities. Here’s what that means for content producers:

  • The highest quality video playback, even when users are viewing a video at different connection speeds
  • More consistent video performance with dynamic delivery adjustments based on changing last-mile conditions
  • Delivery to users even behind a firewall

It’s worth noting that Limelight Networks supports standards-based HTTP streaming (i.e. open technology), and currently has the largest available capacity for Flash streaming of any CDN service. As a content provider, DirecTV also has some cool things planned with the Adobe platform. NFL Sunday Ticket, anyone? It’s not just on your TV anymore…

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