Keep It Open, Take It Mobile

The good thing about open APIs? You can rely on other people to do brilliant things with your platform. Web marketing firm Imavex has done just that. Imavex created STREAMOTOR, a service that allows users to upload a video in any format and have it encoded and formatted for different functions: creating bumper ads and trailers, publishing to social media sites, embedding watermarks etc. Then, building on the Limelight Networks API for Limelight REACH, Imavex added a mobile capability to STREAMOTOR, making it possible to format video automatically for mobile delivery.

Need an example? Several automotive dealerships use the STREAMOTOR engine for direct marketing campaigns and customer relationship management. After a potential customer test drives a car, these dealerships send out follow-up video emails. If a consumer opens up the email on a phone, the full video is now viewable and fast-loading. It’s personalized and immediate, almost like a follow-up video voicemail. And the rich media aspect is important. Here are a couple of references to consider: Sellpoint has found that on-demand video tours can greatly increase sales conversion rates, and DoubleClick says that nearly 40% of the ads it now serves include rich media. Why not tap into that if you’ve got something to sell?

The most important aspect of STREAMOTOR is that it makes mobile easy. More companies are adding rich media to their websites, but the prospect of targeting mobile customers is still daunting to many. Imavex combined its marketing service with Limelight Networks’ intelligent delivery system to offer a simple solution for going mobile – with fixed, predictable costs. Imavex even offers analytics by integrating with Limelight Networks raw logs.

More to come on Limelight Networks APIs. We’ve got a whole bunch, and we’ve got customers doing some great things with them.

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