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Online media is growing at an incredible pace. Depending on which report you read, in 2008 alone the content delivery (CDN) industry will grow anywhere between 30% and 50%. It’s an exciting time to be producing content, and even more exciting to be a delivery network bringing all of this great content to online audiences around the world.

Limelight Networks has a front row seat to the explosive innovation and growth happening in the content delivery industry:

We work with some of the biggest names in online video: Disney, XBOX, Sony Playstation, MySpace, EA Sports, Facebook, Netflix, Viacom, Citadel, and Amazon, just to name a few. We’ve delivered some of the largest online events to hundreds of thousands of users — For example, Oprah’s Bookclub, Indy Car Racing, and this summer, the 2008 Beijing Olympics. We also operate one of the largest media-grade optical networks on the planet — with enough egress capacity to simultaneously deliver over a terabyte of data to almost anywhere.

And we don’t just do entertainment. Companies like Salesforce.com, Microsoft Windows Update, Nissan, and Sun Microsystems rely on our network to accelerate their web applications or reliably deliver software downloads to their customers. We also work with many emerging companies, with promising business models and innovative uses of rich media.

This blog begins today as a way to get a perspective on the content delivery industry from one of the companies driving the market forward. Visionary statements from our executives, tips from our engineering experts, thoughts from our partners and customers, stats from our network, and much, much more. In short, its a two-way dialog, about the ever-changing, ever growing market segment that Limelight Networks does business in, and how we face those challenges every day to deliver brilliance for our customers.

We hope you will enjoy and contribute to this discussion.

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