Limelight Networks’ CDN Powers VReel

Today, we are announcing that we have been named the exclusive content delivery partner for – a new user-generated content portal that is implementing the very popular DivX video codec.

VReel makes thousands of user-created videos available online, organizing them into 18 distinct channels. The portal offers high-definition streaming using the DivX codec, a 1GB filesize limit, and no time, dimension, or bitrate restrictions. VReel is streaming using the LimelightDELIVER service, and will store the videos within the Limelight Network CDN. This means that the majority of videos will be delivered directly from our media-grade optical platform to one of the over 850 last-mile networks we are directly connected to. Since those videos will never travel over the public Internet, we can eliminate almost all buffing and stuttering, helping the viewer to have a great HD-watching experience.

VReel CEO Eoghan Hayes says that he plans on “making VReel the greatest show on earth,” and will soon implement features such as user rewards, content competitions, and mobile connectivity.

“Right now, our open beta is about getting the functionality at 100%. We have already seen thousands of members sign up, and thousands of videos being submitted to the portal, but are planning on new functionality and a full face-lift to debut over the summer,” says Hayes.

“One of the unique differentiators is our use of the DivX codec and webplayer. This highly-regarded product produces video quality that we believe is unmatched, and throughout our beta we’ve had numerous testers comment on the superb picture quality. We are very pleased that DivX gave us the go-ahead to use their product,” adds Hayes.

Here’s an example – VReel content, DivX codec, delivered over the Limelight Networks CDN (Note that if you don’t have the DivX codec installed you will have to do so by clicking here):

(Content unavailable. Please visit

Originally, VReel planned to manage analytics and reporting internally, but the company’s rapid traffic growth during the beta test caused them to rethink their options.

“It’s a funny story, actually, how we came to use LimelightEXCHANGE Premium.  We had originally turned on statistic monitoring tools on our own servers, but after about 12 hours, we received so many unique visits that our mysql database almost locked up. In order to keep speeds high for the end user, we disabled our analytics tools and instead opted for the ones offered by Limelight,” explains Hayes.

Here are some initial stats on VReel:

Members signed up: 8200+
Videos online: 5700+
Total data transferred 22nd – 28th June: 764.31 TB
Peak speed: 20Gbps

We congratulate VReel on their launch, and look forward to helping them deliver brilliant experiences to their growing user base. If you would like to join the community, click here .

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